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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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Literary Manuscripts of Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865) and the Brontës
from the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds

REEL 1 (Elizabeth Gaskell)

1. Elizabeth Gaskell. Sylvia's Lovers.
2. Victorian Autograph Album containing: f5. Elizabeth Gaskell. Fragment of Sylvia's Lovers.

REEL 2 (Elizabeth Gaskell)

3. Elizabeth Gaskell. Diary dedicated to her daughter, Marianne, 1835.
4. Elizabeth Gaskell. Clapton Hall article and correspondence, c1840
5. Family Commonplace Book kept by Jane Adeane and family. Includes: ff4-5 letters from Elizabeth Gaskell (henceforth ECG) to Lady Hatherton, 27 Dec 1853
6. Emily Winkworth. Review of Mary Barton.
7. Transcripts of letters from Rev W G and ECG to Miss Eliza Gaskell, followed by the original letters.
8. Transcripts of letters from ECG to her Sister-in-Law, Mrs Nancy Robson, followed by the original letters.
9. Transcripts of letters from EGG to Ann Shaen, Catherine Winkworth and Mrs. William Shaenre: Charlotte Brontë, followed by the original letters.
10. Transcripts of letters from Frederika Bremer (Swedish Novelist) to ECG, followed by the original letters.
11. Transcripts of letters from ECG to John Forster, friend of Dickens, followed by the original letters. One re Sam Bamford, begging Tennyson to send a copy of his poems to the poor, aged poet.

REEL 3 (Elizabeth Gaskell)

12. Transcripts of letters from ECG to her daughters
- Marianne (Polly)
- Margaret E. (Meta)
- Florence
- Julia
- followed by the original letters.
13. Transcripts of letters from EGG to Marianne (later Mrs. Thurston Holland) Vol 1, followed by the original letters.
14. Transcripts of letters from EGG to Marianne (later Mrs. Thurston Holland) Vol 2, followed by the original letters.
15. Transcripts of letters from EGG to Marianne (later Mrs. Thurston Holland) Vol 3, followed by the original letters.
16. Transcripts of letters from Meta and Mrs. Thurston Holland to Clement K. Shorter relating to the life of his mother, ECG, followed by the original letters.
17. Transcripts of letters from EGG to Catherine Winkworth and from Miss F P Nightingale to ECG relating to Florence Nightingale, followed by the original letters.
18. Elizabeth Gaskell - Miscellaneous loose letters (All Als).
Mrs. Clarke - Maria Otter James
Miss Elton - Miss Rye
Miss Ferguson - Florence Nightingale (6)
Lady Belper - Harriet Carr (5) [Written as EC Stevenson]
Fanny Holland

REEL 4 (Brontë Manuscripts)

1. Maria Brontë. The Advantages of Poverty in Religious Concerns.
2. Charlotte Brontë. Poems written out and dated by her husband, Mr A B Nicholls (60 pages in his hand, 19 poems). From front 6ff - Discussion of the truth of the Bible between S and C, from back :
1-4 Saul
4-5 Memory
6-8 St. John in the island of Patmos
9-19 The death of Darius Codomanus
19-21 'Tis the siesta's languid hour
21-24 O! let me alone he said
25-26 The town besieged
26-28 But a recollection now
28-29 Oh would I were the golden light
29-30 Why should we ever mourne as these
30-36 Percy's grave
36-38 Hurrah! For the Gemini
39-42 A single word, a magic spring
42-45 Review at Gazemba (?)
46-48 When thou sleepest
49-52 Is this my tomb this humble store?;
52-57 This ring of gold
58-59 She was alone that evening
60 I scarce would let that restless eye
3. Charlotte Brontë. French exercise book used by CB in Brussels, 1842-1843.
4. Charlotte Brontë. L'Immensit de Dieu. Written in French c1842-3.
5. Charlotte Brontë. A memento of her friendship with Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell, her biographer comprising a letter from the author of Jane Eyre describing a visit paid by Mrs. Gaskell and an autograph Ms from the latter giving a lengthy account of her return visit to Charlotte Brontë at Haworth. A fine memorial volume created for Lord Brotherton.
6. Charlotte Brontë
Transcripts of a collection of autograph letters and notes from Ellen Nussey to various people, c1883 - 1895. A total of 216 letters to correspondents, including the Editor of The Standard, Charles Scribner & Son, Alfred Hopps, Mary Howitt, Mary Taylor, Martha Taylor, Annie Sophie Morrison, Joseph Horsfall Turner, George Murray Smith, Alpheus Wilkes, Meta Gaskell, Antony Nussey, Sidney Biddell, Augustine Birrell, J A Erskine Stuart and Dr. William Wright.

REEL 5 (Brontë Manuscripts)

7. Charlotte Brontë. Letters of Charlotte Brontë to Miss Ringrose. 1848-1851.
8 Charlotte Brontë. Letters from Charlotte Brontë and other material:
Als to W S Williams, reader for Smith, Elder & Co, 21 Aug 1849 (concerns change of title from Hollow's Mill to Shirley);
Als to W S Williams, 20 Nov 1849;
Als to Miss Alexander, 18 Mar 1850;
Als CB to GH Lewes 23 Nov 1850;
Als to Ellen Nussey, and;
Andrew Laing Ms (7pp) on the Brontë Myth; On Dr. Wright's The Brontës in Ireland.
9. Charlotte Brontë. Two autograph letters to Mrs. Shaen (Emily Winkworth), 1853.
10. Charlotte Brontë. Autograph letters: 9 letters in total to Amelia Ringrose (3), W S Williams, Ellen Nussey, Laetitia Wheelwright, Mrs. Gore, and two unknown.
11. 'Charlotte Brontë'.
Hartlepool letter. Currer Bell to Miss Ingledew, disputed J Alex. Symington 'discovery' - letter, transcript - The Microcosm, Summer 1924, and clippings.
12. Brontëana. A mixture of letters, manuscripts and transcripts. Includes:
- Ellen Nussey (henceforth EN) to TJ Wise, Nov 1892;
- Frederika Macdonald to Sir Wm. Robertson Nicoll, 26 Feb 1894;
- EN to C K Shorter, 10 Apr 1895, 25 Apr 1895, 20 Oct 1895, 22 Apr 1896;
- EN to Mrs. Gaskell, 15 Nov [1855?], [July 1856];
- Two draft accounts of Emily Brontë; nd; Extract from Maeterlinck by EN;
- EN to `Meta Gaskell (?), - on Emily and Charlotte Brontë (henceforth CB);
- EN to Mrs. Gaskell (?) - on CB.
13. Brontëana. Autograph letters from Messrs Smith, Elder & Co to Clement King Shorter, mostly 1895-1916. Includes letters regarding an agreement to publish an edition of Mrs. Gaskell's life of CB with preface & annotations by C K Shorter.

REEL 6 ( Brontë Manuscripts)

14. Brontëana. Letters of AB Nicholls to Clement Shorter, c1895-1900.
15. Brontëana. Letters of AB Nicholls to Clement Shorter, c1855-1858.
16. Brontëana. Letters of AB Nicholls to Clement Shorter, author of Charlotte Brontë and her circle. 1895-1904 (transcripts).

REEL 7 (Brontë Manuscripts)

17. Patrick Bronwell Brontë (henceforth PBB). Original Ms poem begins "While fabled scenes and fancied forms .."
18. PBB. Original Ms poem. Begins "I saw a picture, yesterday"
19. PBB Letters from an Englishman. 6 vols.
1-VI 1830-1832. 6 tiny booklets compiled and written by PBB.
20. PBB. The Odes of Quintus Horatius. 1840.
21. PBB. Caractacus. 1830.
22. PBB. Manuscripts.
Box of 15 folders.
i) Events preceding the formation of the Kingdom of Angria;
ii) Coronation of 1st King of Angria 1834;
iii) The Opening of the 1st Angrian Parliament 1834;
iv) The Massacre of Dongola 1834-5;
v) Events preceding the Angrian Revolution 1836;
vi) The Adventures of Charles Wentworth 1836;
vii) Northangerland's Address to the Angrians before the Revolution 1836;
viii) Further events preceding the Angrian Revolution 1836;
ix) The Angrian Revolution 1836;
x) The Angrian Adventure and Warner's Appeal to the Angrians 1836;
xi) The End of the Angrian Revolution 1836/7;
xii) Death of Mary, Wife of Northangerland;
xiii) 7 Leaves from his Notebook;
xiv) Poems;
xv) Miscellaneous Pages from Notebooks.
23. PBB. Leyland Mss.
A complete transcript of the Leyland Mss of PBB
24. PBB. Extracts from Leyland Ms - the original manuscript.
25. PBB. Queen Mary's Grove
26. PBB. Als to JB Leyland. (22 Jul 1843)
27. PBB. Autograph poem. Begins "Tell me what ."
28. PBB. Lydia Gisborne Nov. 1845. Autograph poem
29. PBB. Autograph poem. Pen Maen Mawr
30. PBB. Autograph poem. An echo from Indian Cannon.
31. PBB. Autograph Poem. Begins "Long since that bold heart ."
32. PBB. Miniature Stories - Real life in Verdapolis, Alexander Percy

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