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Complete classes from the CAB and PREM series in the Public Record Ofice, London
Series One: PREM 3: Papers concerning Defence and Operational Subjects, 1940-1945, Winston Churchill, Minister of Defence, Secretariat Papers.

Part 1: PREM 3/1-51
Part 2: PREM 3/52-111
Part 3: PREM 3/112-169
Part 4: PREM 3/170-198
Part 5: PREM 3/199-238
Part 6: PREM 3/239-276
Part 7: PREM 3/277-325
Part 8: PREM 3/326-358
Part 9: PREM 3/359-403
Part 10: PREM 3/404-450
Part 11: PREM 3/451-515


Our microfilm publications have been prepared and produced in accordance with recommended and established guide-lines for the production of microform of superior quality. These conform to the recommendations of the standard guides to good microforming and micropublishing practice.
Attention should be drawn to the nature of the original material. All the material consists of PREM 3 files containing loose papers. Most of the material is in very good condition.  A few manuscript documents consist of faintly legible correspondence and records written with a variety of inks, pens or pencils and on paper of many different types and thicknesses. A few items are stained or discoloured at the edges, or comprise material on very thin paper, which is so thin that there is show through that renders the original document difficult to read. A few items consist of carbon copies of documents and these again pose problems where the original is very faint.
These original characteristics present difficulties of image and contrast which stringent tests and camera alterations cannot entirely overcome.  Every effort has been made to minimise these difficulties. For identification purposes the file cover is filmed at the front of every new PRO piece number. Each frame is filmed with a vertical strip target which identifies the relevant Public Record Office class number and piece number.
The Public Record Office at Kew, England, has exercised the most responsible care in the filming of this unique collection and this microfilm publication meets the standards established by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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