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Series One: The Papers of C P Scott, 1846-1932
from the John Rylands University Library of Manchester

Part 1: C P Scott's General Correspondence, c1870-1934, and Political Diaries, 1911-1928


1821 - Foundation of the Manchester Guardian by John Edward Taylor, a radical Unitarian married to Sophia Scott, sister of CPS's father.

1830 - Birth of John Edward Taylor the 2nd.

1846 - Charles Prestwick Scott born at Bath, the 8th of 9 children (CPS had 3 elder brothers and 4 elder sisters - the 9th child died in infancy).

1853-64 - CPS attends Hove House school in Brighton (run by a Unitarian minister) and then Clapham Grammar School (run by Charles Pritchard, and noted educational reformer).

1861 - John Edward Taylor the 2nd takes control of the Manchester Guardian.

1865-69 - CPS goes up to Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He befriends Robert Bridges (two years his senior), is Secretary of the Anti-Mendacity Society (speaks at the Union) and is involved in College rowing. His first article for The Guardian is a description of a race on the Seine between the Corpus boat and a crew of old Etonians. CPS graduates with a 1st in Greats. CPS then embarks on a Grand Tour of Europe.

1870 - CPS has a 6-month apprenticeship working for The Scotsman in Edinburgh.

1871 - CPS arrives in Manchester in February to work at The Guardian. He befriends Ford Madox Brown.

1872 - CPS formally appointed Editor of The Guardian, in January, aged 25. Rachel Cook (CPS's future wife) is introduced to CPS's sister, Catherine, by Madame Bodichon in October. George Eliot said that Rachel was the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen. She was one of the 7 original students at the Women's College in Hitchin (later becoming Girton College, Cambridge) and contributed review articles to The Guardian.

1874 - CPS marries Rachel, youngest daughter of John Cook, Professor of Ecclesiastical History at the University of St Andrews. The Scotts have four children: Madeline (1876-1958); Lawrence Prestwich (1877-1908); John Russell (1879-1949); and Edward Taylor (1883-1932).

1886 - The Guardian achieves national prominence through its support of the Home Rule Bill.

1892 - The Guardian first offers support for the cause of Women's Suffrage, publishing a report on the Female Suffrage Bill.

1895 - CPS elected Liberal MP for the Leigh Division of Lancashire (after failed attempts to be elected in 1886, 1891 and 1892). CPS plays a prominent part in the Manchester Liberal Federation, is re-elected in 1900 but retires in 1905.

1899 - The Guardian achieves national and international notice by supporting South African self-government at the start of the Boer War.

1905 - John Edward Taylor the 2nd dies and his will gives his cousin, CPS, first option to purchase The Guardian for £10,000. Death of Rachel.

1907 - CPS purchases The Guardian. CPS's third son, Edward Taylor Scott, marries Mabel Hobson, daughter of J A Hobson.

1908 - Death of Lawrence Prestwich Scott, CPS's eldest son.

1911 - CPS commences his political diary.

1914-18 - CPS supports Lloyd George throughout the war. He introduces him to Dr Chaim Weizmann, Reader in Biology at the University of Manchester, whose help in the war effort was rewarded by Lloyd-George's support for the creation of a Jewish State of Palestine. CPS's diary contains very full entries for the War and the Russian Revolution.

1921 - The Guardian celebrates its 100th anniversary and CPS celebrates 50 years editing the paper.

1929 - CPS retires after death of L T Hobhouse.

1932 - Death of CP Scott.

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