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Part 1: Manuscript Minutes, Committee Books and Voting Records of the House of Lords, c1620-1714

Technical Note

Our microfilm publications have been prepared and produced in accordance with recommended and established guide-lines for the production of microform of superior quality.  These conform to the recommendations of the standard guides to good microforming and micropublishing practice.

The original material reproduced in this project and made available for the first time by Adam Matthew Publications was originally filmed for preservation purposes for the House of Lords Record Office in London.

Attention should be drawn to the nature of some of the original material.  A few manuscript pages or folios consist of faintly legible material and records written with a variety of inks and pens.  In a few instances the original is severely discoloured or stained or particularly difficult to read.  Occasionally volumes have been tightly bound and material is slightly obscured in the inner margin.  Sometimes the original paper is quite thin and this results in a significant amount of show through which can make the original document more difficult to read.  Every effort has been made to minimise these difficulties.  Nevertheless these original characteristics present difficulties of image and contrast which stringent tests and variations of density cannot entirely overcome.

we have exercised the most responsible care and attention in preparing this project for micropublication and this microfilm publication meets the standards established by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).



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