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Part 1: Manuscript Minutes, Committee Books and Voting Records of the House of Lords, c1620-1714

The Queen's Servants in the House of Lords, February 1714



Earl of Oxford

Lord High Treasurer

Lord Harcourt

Lord Chancellor

Duke of Buckingham

Lord President of the Council and Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex and the North Riding

Earl of Dartmouth

Lord Privy Seal

Duke of Shrewsbury

Lord Chamberlain and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Shropshire and Worcestershire

Earl Poulet

Lord Steward and Lord Lieutenant of Devon

Viscount Bolingbroke

Secretary of State for the South and Lord Lieutenant of Essex

Duke of Ormonde

Captain General of the Land Forces; Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports; Colonel of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards; Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk and Somerset

Lord Trevor

Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas

Earl of Mar

Secretary of State for Scotland

Bishop of London

Lord Almoner; ex-Lord Privy Seal and Joint Plenipotentiary at Utrecht

Earl of Strafford

1st Lord of the Admiralty and Ambassador Extraordinary to the States General

Earl of Findlater

Lord Chancellor and Keeper of the Great Seal in Scotland; Privy Councillor

Duke of Atholl

Lord Privy Seal in Scotland; Privy Councillor

Lord Guildford

1st Commissioner of Trade; Privy Councillor

Lord Landsowne

Treasurer of the Household; Privy Councillor; Governor of Pendennis Castle

Marquess of Lindsey

Hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain and Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire

Duke of Montagu

Hereditary Master of the Great Wardrobe

Lord Delawar

Treasurer of the Chamber

Lord Masham

Cofferer of the Household

Duke of Beaufort

Captain of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners; Privy Councillor; Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire and Hampshire; Warden of the New Forest

Duke of Argyll

Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in North Britain; Privy Councillor; Colonel of the 4th Troop of Horse Guards and Governor of Port Mahon

Lord Paget

Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard; Privy Councillor

Lord Berkeley of Stratton

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster; Privy Councillor

Earl of Anglesey

Joint Vice-Treasurer of Ireland; Privy Councillor

Earl of Rochester

Joint Vice-Treasurer of Ireland; Privy Councillor; Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall

Lord Mansel

Teller of the Exchequer; Privy Councillor; Governor of Cardiff Castle

Earl of Denbigh

Teller of the Exchequer and Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire

Earl of Abingdon

Lord Chief Justice in Eyre South of Trent; Privy Councillor; Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire

Earl of Northampton

Constable of the Tower of London; Privy Councillor

Earl of Cardigan

Master of the Buckhounds

Duke of St Albans

Master Falconer and Master of the Register Office

Earl of Suffolk

Deputy Earl Marshal; Privy Councillor

Lord Halifax

Auditor of the Receipt

Lord Weston

Master of the Ordnance (Ireland) and Colonel of the 3rd Troop of Horse Guards

Earl of Orkney

General of the Foot; Privy Councillor; Colonel of the Royal Scots and Absentee Governor-General of Virginia

Duke of Northumberland

Governor of Windsor Castle; Privy Councillor; Colonel of the 2nd Troop of Horse Guards and Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire

Lord North and Grey

Governor of Portsmouth; Privy Councillor; Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire

Earl of Portmore

Governor of Gibraltar; Privy Councillor

Viscount Weymouth

Governor of St Briavel’s Castle; Privy Councillor Governor of the Mine Adventure and Warden of the Forest of Dean

Earl of Carlisle

Governor of Carlisle

Earl of Peterborough

Ambassador Extraordinary to Sicily and the Italian Princes; Privy Councillor; Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire

Earl of Berkeley

Vice-Admiral of the Red

Lord Ashburnham

Colonel of the 1st Troop of Horse Guards

Lord Willoughby de Broke

Dean of St George’s Chapel, Windsor (took oaths on 2 March 1714)

Earl of Dunmore

Colonel of the 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards

Earl of Eglinton

Commissioner of Trade (Scotland)

Earl of Northesk

Commissioner of Trade (Scotland)

Viscount Kilsyth

Commissioner of Trade (Scotland)

Lord Balmerino

Commissioner of Trade (Scotland)




Earl of Scarsdale

Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire; recently Envoy Extraordinary to Vienna; Privy Councillor

Earl of Thanet

Lord Lieutenant of  Cumberland and Westmorland; Privy Councillor

Lord Crewe

Lord Lieutenant of  Northumberland and Durham

Earl of Plymouth

Lord Lieutenant of  Cheshire and North Wales

Earl of Pembroke

Lord Lieutenant of  Wiltshire, Monmouthshire and South Wales

Duke of Grafton

Lord Lieutenant of  Suffolk; Ranger of Whittlewood Forest

Duke of Kent

Lord Lieutenant of  Bedfordshire and Herefordshire

Duke of Bolton

Lord Lieutenant of  Dorset

Earl of Salisbury

Lord Lieutenant of  Hertfordshire

Earl of Exeter

Lord Lieutenant of  Rutland

Earl of Manchester

Lord Lieutenant of  Huntingdonshire

Lord Rockingham

Lord Lieutenant of  Kent

Lord Osborne

Lord Lieutenant of  the East Riding

Lord Bingley

Privy Councillor

Earl of Clarendon

Privy Councillor

Earl of Loudon

Privy Councillor

Earl Ferrers

Privy Councillor

Lord Lexington

Privy Councillor

Lord Boyle

Privy Councillor



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