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from Cambridge University Library

Part 1: Rare printed autobiographies covering thirty-three womens lives, 1713-1859

Part 2: Rare printed autobiographies covering twenty-two womens lives, 1780-1889

Contents of Reels


ALEXANDER, Mary, 1760-1809
Some Account of the Life and Religious Experience of Mary Alexander, Late of Needham Market. 1811 {4}

ASHBRIDGE, Elizabeth (née Sampson), 1713-1755
Quaker Gray; Some Account of the forepart of the life of Elizabeth Ashbridge, written by her own hand many years ago. 1904 {44}

ASHFORD, Mary Ann, 1787-c.1840
Life of a Licensed Victualler’s Daughter, Written by Herself. 1844 {46}

An argument [1817]
Wager of battle [1818]
Thornton’s Trial!!! The trial of A Thornton … for the murder of M Ashford. [1817]
An investigation of the case of Abraham Thornton. [1818]

CANDLER, Ann (née More), 1740-1814
Poetical Attempts, by Anne Candler, a Suffolk Cottager, with a Short Narrative of Her Life. 1803 {202}

CAPPE, Catharine (née Harrison), 1744-1821
Memoirs of The Life of the Late Mrs Catharine Cappe, Written by Herself. 1822 {204}


CAPPE, Catharine
Observations on Charity Schools, Female Friendly Societies, and other Subjects connected with the views of the Ladies Committee. 1805

CAPPE, Catharine
Thoughts on various Charitable and Other Institutions, and on the best mode of conducting them. 1814

CAPPE, Catharine
Thoughts on the Desirableness and Utility of Ladies Visiting the Female Wards of Hospitals and Lunatic Asylums. 1816

CARY, Catherine E, c.1700-c.1825
Memoirs of Miss C E Carey, Written by Herself, Who was Retained in the Service of the Late Queen Caroline. 1825 3 vols {213}


CHARKE, Charlotte (née Cibber), 1713-1760
A Narrative of the Life of Mrs Charlotte Charke, Youngest Daughter of Colley Ciber, Esq. 1755 {216}

COGHLAN, Margaret (née Moncrieffe), c.1763-?
Memoirs of Mrs Coghlan, Daughter of the Late Major Moncrieffe, Written by Herself. 1794 2 vols {231}

CRAVEN, Lady Elizabeth, Baroness Craven (née Berkeley, later Margravine of Anspach), 1750-1828
Memoirs of the Margravine of Anspach. Written by Herself. 1826
2 vols {258}


CROWLEY, Ann, 1766-1826
Some Expressions of Ann Crowley, Daughter of Thomas and Mary Crowley, of London. 1774 {263}

Some Account of the Religious Experience of Ann Crowley. 1842

DUDLEY, Mary (née Stokes), 1750-1823
The Life of Mary Dudley, including an Account of her Religious Engagements and Extracts from her Letters. 1825 {307}

ELLIOTT, Grace Dalrymple, Lady, 1765-1823
The Journal of My Life During the French Revolution. 1859 {321}

GRANT, Anne (née MacVicar), 1755-1838
Memoirs of an American Lady: With Sketches of Manners and Scenes in America as They Existed Previous to the Revolution. 1809. 2 vols {405}


GURNEY, Priscilla Hannah, 1757-1828
Memoir of the Life and Religious Experience of Priscilla Hannah Gurney. 1856 {423}

HERBERT, Dorothea, 1770-1829
Retrospections of Dorothea Herbert. 1929, 1930 2 vols {453}

JEMISON, Mary, 1743-1833
Deh-he-wa-mis: or a Narrative of the Life of Mary Jemison: otherwise called The White Woman. 1847 {502}

JOHNSTON, Elizabeth Lichtenstein, 1764-1848
Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist. Written in 1836. 1901 {507}


KNIGHT, (Ellis) Cornelia, 1757-1837
Autobiography of Miss Cornelia Knight, Lady Companion to the Princess Charlotte of Wales. 1861 2 vols {534}

MORGAN, Sydney, Lady (née Owenson), c.1783-1859
Passages from my Autobiography. 1859 {675}


MORGAN, Sydney
Dramatic Scenes from Real Life. 1833 2 vols

MORTIMER, Elizabeth (née Ritchie), 1754-1835
Memoirs of Mrs Elizabeth Mortimer, with Selections from Her Correspondence. 1836 {679}


PAPENDIEK, Charlotte (née Albert), 1765-1839
Court and Private Life in the Time of Queen Charlotte: Being the Journals of Mrs Papendiek, Assistant Keeper of the Wardrobe and Reader to Her Majesty. 1887 2 vols {734}

PHILLIPS, Catherine (née Payton), 1727-1794
Memoirs of the Life of Catherine Phillips: to Which Are Added Some of Her Epistles. 1797 {750}


PILKINGTON, Laetitia (née van Lewen), c.1706-1750
Memoirs of Mrs Laetitia Pilkington, Wife to the Rev. Mr. Matthew Pilkington. Written by Herself. 1749 3 vols {754}

Biography for Girls; or, Moral and Instructive Examples for the Female Sex. 1800

Biography for Boys; or, Characteristic Histories: Calculated to Impress the Youthful Mind. 1799


PIOZZI, Hester Lynch Thrale (née Salusbury;), 1741-1821
Autobiography, Letters, and Literary Remains of Mrs Piozzi (Thrale) 1861 2 vols {757}

ROBERTSON, Hannah, 1724-c.1800
The Life of Mrs Robertson, Grand-Daughter of Charles II. Written by Herself. 1791 {794}

ROBINSON, Mary ‘Perdita’ (née Darby), 1758-1800
Memoirs of the Late Mrs Robinson, Written by Herself. 1894 4 vols {795}


SCHIMMELPENNICK, Mary Anne (née Galton), 1778-1856
The Life of Mary Anne SchimmelPennick. 1858 2 vols {826}

SHERWOOD, Mary Martha (née Butt), 1775-1851
The Life and Times of Mrs Sherwood (1775-1851) from the Diaries of Captain and Mrs Sherwood. 1854 {843}


SIDDONS, Sarah (née Kemble), 1775-1831
Memoirs of Mrs Siddons, interspersed with anecdotes of authors and actors. 1827 2 vols {846}

TALBOT, Mary Anne (John Taylor, pseud), 1778-1808
The Life & Surprising Adventures of Mary Anne Taylor in the name of John Taylor, a natural daughter of the late Earl Talbot. 1893 {929}

TURNER, Joan (née Cook), 1732-1785
Memoirs of Joan Turner, as exemplified in her Life, Death, and Spiritual Experience. 1820 {960}

WALKER, Elizabeth, 1623-1690
The Holy Life of Mrs Elizabeth Walker. 1823



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