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Papers of the Korean Mission, 1889-1987, from Birmingham University Library

Part 2: Periodicals, Pamphlets, Press-cuttings and Photographs, 1889-1987

This second part contains a wide range of rare printed and visual resources illustrating the history of the Korean Mission from Bishop Corfe’s first landing in In’chon [Chemulpo] in 1890, through the Japanese Occupation in 1910, the Second World War and the Korean War, to late twentieth century.

In addition to Morning Calm, the chief periodical publication of the Korean Mission, there is a history of the Church in Korea and a full range of pamphlets produced by the Mission Office.

The press-cuttings and photographs cover all periods, including the aftermath of the Korean War, when the Diocese of Korea was divided at the 38th parallel.  Places photographed include Anjung, Chinchun, Chungju, Inchon, Onsuri, Pusan, Seoul, Taegu, Taejon and Yoju.  

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