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The Reconstructed Libraries of European Scholars, 1450-1700
Series One: The Books and Manuscripts of John Dee, 1527-1608

Part 6: John Dee's Annotated Books from the Library of the Royal College of Physicians, London

Annotated Books
(The number in brackets at the end of each shelf-mark is the Roberts & Watson number. Please see John Dees Library Catalogue, edited by Julian Roberts and Andrew G Watson, (The London Bibliographical Society, 1990). For these Printed Books the shelf mark for the individual volume is given before the comma e.g. D 135/7 and the numbers and letter after the comma refer to the shelf location in the Dorchester Library e.g. 19d where 19 is the number of the bay in the Library and where for instance each bay has five shelves: a = the top shelf, d = the fourth shelf and e = the bottom shelf.) The bold type for printed books is the direct transcription from John Dees Library Catalogue. The italic type gives the modern equivalent of the title.

D135/7, 19d (1110)
Plausi Comoedias XX eus adnosarj. 8˚. Basileae. 1558.
Plautus, Comoediae, (Basel, 1558).
The title page reads "M. Accii Plauti Cemoediae XX. Diligente cura, et singulari studio Ioachimi Camerarii Pabeperg. emendatius nunc qum ant unquam ab ullo, editae Basileae, 1558." Spine reads "Plautius Comoediae. Basil. 1558."

D136/5, 20a (1142)
Seneca tragoediae. 8˚. Lipsiae. 1566.
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, Tragoediae, (Lipsiae, 1566).
The title page reads "L. Annaei Senecae Tragoediae. Editae Emendatiores Studio Georgii Fabricii Chemnicensis. Lipsiae." The spine reads "Senecae Tragoediae 1566".

D135/14, 20a (1953)
Anton. Geufraei descriptio Aulae Turcicae sij Honigerg Koningshoff de reby Turcicis. 8˚.
bJ. Ionnis. Basil. 1577.
Geuffroy, Antoine, Aulae Turcicae, (Basel, 1577).
Title page reads "Pars I. Aulae Turcicae Othomannicique Imperii Descriptio : Qua Turcarum Palatina officia, mores, religio : secta item Mahometicae, Imperiorumque IIII ex ea prodenntium status luculenter enarrantur Ab Antonio Geufraeo Gallice Edita. Pars II. Solymanni XII et Selymi XIII Turcar. Impp. Contra Christianos Per N. Honigerum Koningshof. Franc. Basileae." The spine reads "Aula Turcica. Koningshof. 1577."

D135/18, 20a (1065)
Diverses leons de Pierre Messie, en franois. 8˚. Lugduni 1563.
Mexia, Pedro, Les Diverses Leons de Pierre Messie Gentil-homme de Seuile, (Lyon, 1563).
Title page reads "Les Diverses Leons de Pierre Messie Gentil-homme de Seuile. Lyon 1563."

D136/1, 20a (759 ?)
Joh. Velcurionis physices Epitome. 8˚. Lugduni 1544.
Velcurio, Johannes, In universam physicam Aristoteliscommentariorum libri IIII, (Lyon, 1573).
The title page reads "Ioannis Velcurionis Commentariorum Libri IIII. In universam Aristotelis Physicen : nunc recns Summa fide exactque diligentia castigati et excusi. Lugduni 1573." There are a few underlinings and annotations, especially pp 42-56. A signature has been cut out from the title page. This is clearly a later volume, but shows some evidence of belonging to Dee.

D136/4, 20a (823 & 824)
There are two separate bound volumes:
- Volume I: Beati Rhenani, Alciati & Beroaldi Annotationes in Cornel. Tacitus. 8˚. Lugd. 1542. Tacitus, Annotationes, (Volume I, Lyon, 1542). The spine reads "Tacitus I. Lugduni 1542." The title page reads "P. Cornelii Taciti Equitis Ro. Ab Excessu Augusti. Lugduni 1542." Pages 683-710 feature copious annotations and underlinings, probably by Dee.
- Volume II: Cornelig Tacitus ex castigatione Beati Rhenani & c. 8˚. Gryphiq. 1542. Tacitus, Annotationes, (Volume II, Lyon, 1542). The spine reads "Tacitus II. Lugduni 1542." There are some manuscript notes in Latin on the inside front cover and inside back cover. The page on vellum prior to the title page containing further manuscript notes has been cut out and removed. The title page reads "In P. Cornelium Tacitum Annotationes Lugduni 1542." The frontispiece of volume II includes the wording "John Dee off Spyringe 1544." Agricola is heavily annotated, as is book 12 of the Annales, relating to Britain. There are also notes by Nicholas Saunder.

D136/7, 20a (895 ??)
Herodiani historia graec & latin. 8˚. Basil. 1553.
Herodian, De Romanorum Imperatorum, (Basel, 1553).
The spine reads "Herodianus. Basileae 1563." The title page reads "Herodiani De Romanorum Imperatorum vita ac rebus gestis Libri VIII Graec et Latin, eregion, ut citra negocium ab utriusque linguae studiosis conferri possiut. Angelo Politiano. Interprete. Basileae, per Henricum Petri." There are various manuscript notes at the rear of the volume; also some further manuscript notes at the front of the volume. These are slightly difficult to decipher. The title page shows possible signs of a signature having been bleached out at the top of the page. There are also some partially removed pages at the end of the volume. Could this volume also have belonged to Dee?

D136/8, 20a (1122)
Euripidis tragoediae. lay 8˚. Francoforti. 1562.
Euripides, Tragoediae, (Frankfurt, 1562). The title page reads "Euripidis. Tragoediae, Quae Hodie extant, omnes, Latin soluta oratione redditae, ita ut versus versui repondeat. E praelectionibus Philippi Melanthonis. Francofurti 1562." The spine reads "Euripides. Melanchthon 1562."

D136/9, 20a (2086 ?)
Sebastiani Foxij physica 8˚ Parisijs 1560.
Foxius Morzillus, Sebastianus, De naturae philosophia libri V, (Paris, 1560).
The title page reads "Sebastiani Foxii Morzilli Hispalensis De Naturae Philosophia, seu de Platonis, et Aristotelis consensione, Libri V. Parisiis MDLX." The spine reads "De Naturae Philosophia Foxius Morzillus 1560." Signed "Nicholas Saunder" on the title page and other wording is bleached out at top and at bottom of title page. There are some marginal markings against passages in the Praefatio. This item seems to match Roberts & Watson number 2086.

D136/10, 20a (1047)
Pomponatij opera nonulla 8˚ Basil. 1567.
Pomponatius, Petrus, Philosophi et Theologi Doctrina, (Basel, 1567).
The title page reads "Petri Pomponatii Philosophi et Theologi Doctrina et ingenio praestantissimi, Opera... Basileae." The spine reads: "Opera Pomponatius, 1567."

D136/16, 20b (718)
Quintiliani institutiones oratoriae et declamationes 8˚. Lugd. Gryph. 1540. ~ by vol. Quintilianus, Institutionum Oratoriarum, (Lyon, 1540).
The title page reads: "M. Fabii Quintiliani Institutionum Oratoriarum Libri XII... Lugduni 1540." Lots of marginalia. Some damage at rear of volume from bookworm. The note in John Dees Library Catalogue reads Fr declamationes The first part lacketh. Dees copy of this first part is now located and reproduced here. At the head of the title is Joannes Deeus 1545 and over it is Nicholaus Saunder 1582. The volume is heavily annotated in Dees early upright italic hand.

D137/5, 20b (756 & 2065)
Two separate items bound together in the same volume:
- Nicolai Machiavelli princeps. lays 8˚. Bas. 1560.
Machiavelli, Niccol, Princeps, (Basel, 1580). The title page reads: "Nicolai Machiavelli Princeps ex Sylvestri Telii Fulginatis Traductio ne diligenter emendata. Basileae MDXXC."
- Vindiciae in Tyrannos, anonymi. 8˚. 1579.
Languet, Hubert, Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos, (Basel, 1580?). Attributed to Hubert Languet, writing under the pseudonym Stephanus Junius Brutus. This is a copy of the 1580 edition which belonged to Nicholas Saunder. The title page reads "Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos : Sive, De Principis in Populum, Populique in Principem, legitima potestate, Stephano lunio Bruto Cella, Auctore. MDLXXX."

D137/9, 20b (1116)
Sophoclis tragoediae lay p. Naogeorg. 8˚. Oporin.
Kirchmeyer, Thomas, Sophocles Tragoediae Septem, (Basel, 1558). The title page reads: "Sophoclis Tragoediae Septem, Latino carmine redditae, et Annotationibus illustratae, per Thomam Naogeorgum Straubingensem. Basileae." The spine reads "Tragoediae. Sophocles. 1558." There is much underlining of the Sententiae.

D137/15, 20b (858)
Ornamenti delle donne p. Giovanni Marinello. 8˚. Ven. 1574.
Marinello, Giovanni, Ornamenti delle donne, (Venice, 1574). The title page reads: "GLI Ornamenti Delle Donne, Scritti per M. Giovanni Marinello. Et diuisi in Quattro Libri, Con due Tavole, una de Capitoli, e l altra dalcune cose particolari... Venetia 1574." The spine reads: "Marinello: Ornamenti Delle Donne. Venet. 1574."

D139/7, 20c (725)
Dictys cretensis; Dares phrygius & Homerq, & belli Trojani Scriptores lay 8˚. Basil. 1573.
Dictys Cretensis, (Basel, 1573). The title page reads: "Belli Troian Scriptores Praecipui, Dictys Cretensis, Dares Phrygius et Homerus, Omnes iampridem latio iure donati, nunc ver mendis expurgati, et in unum volumen digesti. Basileae MDLXXIII." The volume is well annotated throughout. Dee made copious annotations to Dictys and part of Dares. Bound in contemporary vellum with a blind-stamped shield. The editor is Georg Henisch.

D139/13, 20c (1075)
Caelij Augustini Curionis historia Sarracenica. 8˚ Oporin. 1568.
Curio, Augustinus Caelius, Sarracenicae historiae libri tres, (Basel, 1568). The spine reads "Sarracenicae Historiae. Curionis. 1568." The title page reads: "Caelii Augustini Curionis Sarracenicae historiae libri tres, ab autore in numeris locis emendati atque expoliti... Basileae, Ex officina Oporiniana, 1568." With frequent Dee annotations.

D139/10, 20c (1104)
Osorij historia de reby gestis Immanuelis Regis Lusitaniae. 8˚. Colon. 1574.
Osorio da Fonseca, Jeronimo, De Rebus Emmanuelis Regis Lusitaniae, (Coloniae, 1574). The spine reads: "Osorius de Reb : Lusitaniae." The title page reads: "Hieronymi Osorii Lusitani, Silvensis in Algarbiis Episcopi; De Rebus; Emmanuelis Regis Lusitaniae invictissimi Virtute et Auspicio, annis sex, ac viginiti, domi forisque; gestis; libri duodecim. Quibus; potissimm ea, quae in Africa et India bella confecit, explicantur... Coloniae Agrippinae, Apud Haeredes Arnoldi Birckmanni..." (1574). There are scattered notes by Dee throughout, e.g. Nota hanc steganograpiam (fol.121) and one on Prester John (fol.302).

D139/14, 20c (786)
Giornale delle historie del mondo di Lud. Dolce. 8˚. Ven. 1572.
Dolce, Lodovico, Giornale Del Mondo, (Venice, 1572).
The title page reads: "Giornale Delle Historie Del Mondo, Delle cose degne di memoria di giorno in giorno occorse dal principio del Mondosino suoitempi, Di M. Lodovico Dolce. Riveduto, corretto et ampliato da Guglielmo Rinaldi... In Venetia, Al Segno della Salamandra. 1572."
The spine is a bit faded, but reads: "L. Dolce Giornale Del Mondo." The volume is probably Dees. It has no notes, but is lettered up the fore-edge in a hand like his, and the binding has the blind-stamped blank shield often found on his books.

REEL 100
D140/3, 20d (794)
Gaspar Peucerus de divination generibus 8˚ Witeb. 1572.
Peucer, Caspar, De divinatione, (Wittenberg, 1572). The spine reads: "Peucerus de Divinatione." The title page reads: "Commentarius De Praecipuis Generibus Divinationum, in Quo a Prophetiis autoritate divina traditis, et Physicis coniecturis, discernuntur artes et imposturae Diabolicae, atque observationes natae ex superstitione et cum hac coniunctae : Et monstrantur fontes ac causae Physicarum praedictionem : Diabolicae vero ac superstitiosae confutate damnantur ea serie, quam tabella praefixa ostendit... Autore Casparo Peucero D... Witebergae Excudebat Iohannes Lufft. Anno M.D.LXXII. (1572). The volume is bound in contemporary vellum, with the common blind-stamped shield, and is lettered down the fore-edge.

D140/4, 20d (1951)
Josias Simlerus de republica Helvetiorum 8˚ Tiguri 1576.
Simler, Josias, De republica Helvetiorum, (Tiguri, 1576). The spine reads: "Tigurinus de Republica Helvetiorum." The title page reads: "De Republica Helvetiorum Libri duo, auctore Iosia Simlero Tigurino... Tiguri Excudebat Christophorus Froschoverus. 1576."

REEL 101
D140/6, 20d (745)
Optatus Milevtanus de Donatistis cum Balduini annotationibus 8˚ Paris 1569.
Optatus, S, Milevitani Historiae Ecclesiasticae Africa, (Paris, 1569). The spine is a bit faded, but reads: "Milevitani Historiae Ecclesiasticae Africa." The title page reads: "De Libatio Africanae Historiae Ecclesiaticae, Sive Optati Mileuitani libri VII ad Parmenianum de Schismate Donatistarum. Victoris Uticensis libri III. de Persecutione Vandelica in Africa, Cum annotationibus ex Fr. Balduini I.C. Commentariis rerum Ecclesiasticarum. Parisiis, Apud Michalem Sonnium, sub scuto Basiliensi, via lacobaea. 1569..." The volume is annotated at the top of the title page as follows: "Optatus Mileuitanus : A : 370."

D141/7, 20d (1942)
Michal Eitzingeri pentaplus regnorum Mundi. 4˚. Plantin. 1579.
Eytzinger, Michael von, Pentaplus regnorum mundi, (Antwerp, 1579). The spine reads: "Pentaplus Regnorum. Aitsinger. 1579." The title page reads: "Michalis Aitsingeti Austriaci Pentaplus Regnorum Mundi. Antwerpiae, Ex officina Christophori Plantini, Architypographi Regij. MDLXXIX."

D141/18, 21a (350)
Brissonij Selectarum antiquitatum juris, libri quatuor. 4˚. Lugd. 1558.
Brisson, Barnabe, Antiquitates Juris, (Lyon, 1558). The spine reads: "Antiquitates Juris. Brissonius. 1558." The title page reads: "B. Brissonii Selectarum Ex Iure civili Antiquitatum, libri IIII. Euisdem, Ad legem Iuliam de Adulterijs, liber singularis. De Solutionibus et liberationibus, libri tres. Lugduni Apud Ioan. Tornaesium, et Gul. Gazeium. MDLVIII..." The volume is unsigned, but has Dees notes on page 83.

D142/1, 21a (333)
Rob. Constantini Supplementum Linguae graecae. 4˚. Gen. 1573.
Constantin, Robert, Supplementum Linguae Latinae, (Geneva, 1573). The description in John Dees Library Catalogue should be Linguae Latinae. The spine reads: "Suppl. Linguae Latinae. 1573." The title page reads: "Supplementum Linguae Latinae, seu Dictionarium abstrusorum vocabulorum Rob. Constantino collectum. Opus Latinae linguae studiosis apprim utile, recns et nunquam antea excusum. Excudebat Eustathius Vignon. MDLXXIII."

REEL 102
D 142/2, 21a (341)
Innocentij Rhingier, cinquante jeus divers, en franois. 4˚. Lugduni. 1555.
Ringhieri, Innocenzio, Cinquante Jeus Divers D Honnete Entretien, (Lyon, 1555). The spine reads: "Cinquante Jeus Divers. Rhinghier 1555." The title page reads: "Cinquante Ieus Divers D Honnete Entretien, Industrieusement invents par Messer Innocent Rhinghier, gentilhomme Boloignoys... A Lyon par Charles Pesnot 1555.. " At top of the title page are the words Jehan Dee 1557.

D142/5, 21a (1367)
Historia Alexandri Magni, anonymi. f˚. Argento. 1494.
Historia Alexandri magni, (1494). (History of Alexander the Great). The spine reads: "Historia Alexandri magni." The title page reads: Historia Alexādri magni regis mace donie depreliis.

D142/14, 21a (1783)
Marci Nattae de Deo Libri XV. f˚. Ven. 1560.
Natta, Marcus Antonius, Astensis de Deo, (Venice, 1560). The spine reads: "Marcus Antonius De Deo. 1560." The title page reads: "Marci Antonii Nattae Astensis De Deo Libri XV... Venetiis, apud Paulum Manutium, MDLX." [The foliation at beginning of the volume goes folio 1, A2, 5, 2, 5, 6, 7 etc.]

D144/4, 21b (2168)
La Sepmaine de Guillaume de Salluste, Sr du Bartas. 16˚. Geneva. 1578.
Saluste du Bartas, Guillaume de, La semaine, ou creation du monde, (Geneva, 1578). The spine reads: "du Bartas." The title page reads: "La Semaine, Ou Creation du Monde, De Guillaume de Salluote, Seigneur Du Bartas. Paris, Baptiste Pinereul. MDLXXVIII." Very rare small format edition.

D144/14, 21b (868)
Wilhelmus Postellus de originibus. 8˚. Oporin 1553.
Postel, Guillaume, De originibus, (Basel, 1553). The spine reads: "De Originibus. 1553." The title page reads: "De Originibus, Seu, De Varia et Potissimum orbi Latino ad hanc diem incognita, aut incsyderata historia, qutotius Orientis, tum maxime Tartaronum, Persarum, Turcarum, et omnium Abrahami et Noachi alumnorum origines, et mysteria Brachmanum retegente : Quodad gentium, literarumque quib. utuntur, rationes attinet...Basileae, Per Ioannem Oporinum." A name has been bleached from the title page. The volume is heavily annotated by Dee throughout, particularly in the section De Ismaelitarum doctrina.

D144/16, 21b (417)
Grimalicj de optimo Senatore. 4˚. Ven. 1568.
Grimalius Goslicius, Laurentius, De optimo Senatore, (Venice, 1568). The spine reads: "Goslicius de optimo Senatore." The title page reads: "Laurentii Grimalii Goslicii De Optimo Senatore Libri Duo. In quibus Magistratuum officia, Civium vita beata, Rerumpub. soelicitas explicantur... Venetiis, Apud lordanum Zilettum, MDLXVIII." (1568). A name has been cut off the title page.

REEL 103
D145b/3, 21b (1311)
Pauli Orosij historia adversos pganos. 8˚. Col. 1574.
Orosius, Historia adversus Paganos, (Coloniae, 1574). The spine reads: "Adversus Paganos Hist. Orosius. 1574." The title page reads: "Pauli Orosii Presbyteri Hispani, Adversus Paganos Historiarum Libri Septem... Coloniae Apud Maternum Cholinum MDLXXIIII..." There are annotations by Dee in lib.I, cap.2, Zeilan, Samara, lib.III, cap.18-20 (Alexanders conquests) and lib.VI, cap.21 (conquests of early Roman empire in Spain, Germany and Africa).

D145b/6, 21b (1095)
Caroli Degrassalij Regalia Franciae. 8˚. Paris. 1545.
Degrassalius, Carolus, Regalia Franciae, (Paris, 1545). The spine reads: "Regalia Franciae. Degrassalius. 1545." The title page reads: "Regalium Franciae Libri Duo, ivra omnia et dignitates Christianiss. Galliae Regum, continenteo. Carolo Degrassalio Cercassonensi authore... Apud Galeotum Pratensem, sub prima columna aulae Palatii Regii. 1545."

D146/2, 21c (969)
Joh. Trithemius de Septem secundeis. 8˚. Col. 1567.
Tritheim, Johann, De septem secundeis, (Coloniae, 1567). The spine reads: "De Septem Secundeis. Tritheim. 1567." The title page reads: "Ioannis Tritemii Abbatis Span heymensis De Septem Secundeis, Id Est, Intelligentijs, Sive Spiritibus Orbes post Deum moventibus, reconditissimae Scientiae et eruditionis Libellus, Imperatori Caesari Diuo Maximiliano I. Aug. pio, Sapienti dicatus... Coloniae Apud Ioannem Birckmannum. Anno MDLXVII." There are some underlinings, probably by Dee.

REEL 104
D146/4, 21c (1092)
David Chytraei chronologia. 8˚ Rostoctiis 1570.
Chytraeus, David, Chronologia Historiae, (Rostock, 1570). The spine reads: "Chronologia. Chytraeus. 1570."
The title page reads: "Chronologia Historiae Herodoti et Thucydidis, Recognita, et Additis Ecclesiae Christi ac Imperij Romani rebus praecipius, ab initio Mundi, usque ad nostram aetatem contexta. David Chytraeus... Rostochii Excudebat Iacobus Lucius Anno 1570." There are a few Dee underlinings and additions to the calendar, including one on the death of Edward VI.

D147/6, 21c (1060)
Alexand. Sardus de moribus Gentium. 8˚ Ven. 1577.
Sardi, Alessandro, De moribus gentium, (Venice, 1577). The spine reads: "Sardi de Moribus Gentium."
The title page reads: "Alexandri Sardi Ferrariensis, De Moribus Ac Ritibus Gentium Libri III... Venetiis, Ex officina Stellae Iordani Zilleti. 1557."

D148/1, 21c (983)
<Not Found>
Lbertj Danaus de veneficis. 8˚. Gen. 1574.
Daneau, Lambert, De veneficis, (Geneva, 1574). There are some underlinings.

D148/2, 21c (792)
Athenagorae apologia pro christianis. Lay p. suffrid. Petrus. 8˚. Coloniae. 1567.
Suffridus, Petrus, Athenagorae apologia pro Christianis, (Coloniae, 1567). The spine reads: "Athenagorae Apologia pro Christianis." The title page reads: "Athenagorae Atheniensis Philosophi Apologia, Vel Legatio, vel potius Supplicatio pro Christianis : ad Imperatores Antoninum et Commodum... Suffrido Petro Leonardiense Frisio in Latinum ex Graeco translata... Coloniae, Apud Haeredes Arnoldi Birckmanni. Anno MDLXVII..." There are underlinings, corrections and notes by Dee. Nich Saunder 1588 has been written over what was probably Jo. Dee and a date.

REEL 105
D148/5, 21c (899)
Cornelius Bertramus de politia judaica 8˚ Gen. 1574.
Bertramnus, Bonaventura Cornelius, De politia judaica, (Geneva, 1574). The spine is very faded, but reads as follows: "Bertranus. de politia judaica." The title page reads: "De Politia Judaica, Tam Civili qum Ecclesiastica, i. inde suis primordijs, hoc est, ab Orbe condito, repetita. Authore Bonaventura Cornelio Bertramo. Genevae, Apud Eustathium Vignon. MDLXXIIII." The volume is signed Nich: Saunder and it probably belonged to Dee.

D148/12, 21c (2073)
Jacobi Naclanti opus seu quaestiones quatuor de creatione rerum : De animae immortalitatem; de origine contingentior & de infinitate primum suo juris. 8˚ Ven. 1557. Naclantus, Jacobus, Opus doctum, (Venice, 1557). The spine reads: "Naclanli Opus doctum etc." The title page reads: "Opus Doctum Ac Resolutum, In Quattuor Tractatus, Seu quaestiones dissectum : In Quo Ex Naturali humine & peripatetico fonte, eorum philosophorum revincuntur errores, qui asserunt ex philosophiae principijs, haberi n posse, creationem rerum, immortalitatem animae, contingentiam in universo, et virgorē infinitum, in primo principio. Per R. P. et D. Iacbum Naclantum Episcopum Clugiensem. Venetiis apud Iosephum Vicentinum. MDLVII." The volume is bound in contemporary limp vellum.

D148/14, 21c (1896)
<Not Found>
Marci Mantuis Zographia, sive hieroglyphica. 8˚. Batavij 1566.
Mantova Benavides, Marco (Marcus Mantua), Zoographia, (Batavia, 1566).

D148/18, 21d (2046)
Symbolum fidei judaeorum R. Mose Aegyptio, p. Genebrard 8˚ Paris 1569.
Gnbrard, Gilbert, De Judeis, (Paris, 1569). The spine reads: "Genebrardas de Judeis." The title page reads: "Symbolum Fidei ludaeorum R Mose Aegyptio... Interprete G. Genebrardo Theologo Parisiensi. Parisiis, Apud Martinum Iuuenem, via S. Ioannis Lateranensis, ad insigne Serpentis MDLXIX." The volume is bound in contemporary limp vellum.

D149/3, 21d (835)
Antonij Mizaldi phaenomena sive ariae Ephemerides 8˚ Parisijs 1546.
The spine reads: "Mizaldi Phaenomena." There are two items bound together in the same volume:
- Mizauld, Antoine, Phaenomena, (Paris, 1546).
Title page reads: "Antonii Mizaldi Monsluciani Phaenomena, sive Aertae Ephemerides... Parisiis, Ex officina Reginaldi Calderijs et Claudij eius filij. 1546..."
- Mizauld, Antoine, Meteorologia, (Paris, 1547).
Title page reads: "Antonij Mizaldi Monsluciani Meteorologia, sive rerum aeriar cmentariolus... Parisiis, Ex officina Reginaldi Calderijs et Claudij eius filij. 1547..."
The volume is unsigned, but has a note by Dee on the front paste-down.

D149/7, 21d (850)
Gabriel. Buratelli conciliatio controversiarum Aristotelis & Platonis 8˚ Ven. 1573.
Buratelli, Gabriele, Conciliatio controversiarum Aristotelis et Platonis, (Venice, 1573). Spine reads: "Burateltus in Arist. et Platon." The title page reads: "Praecipuarum Controversiarum Arist. Et Platonis Conciliatio, Opus Diu Desideratum, et veteribus, ac recentioribus pollicitum, non tamen absolutum. Authore Sacrae Theologiae Magistro Gabriele Buratello Anconitano, Ordinis Eremitarum D. Augustini professore... Venetijs, Apud Francis. cum, Gasparem Bindonum, et Fratres. 1573." The binding has the blind-stamped shield frequently found on Dees books.

REEL 106
D149/17, 21d (1018)
Aristeae historia de 70. interpretibus y colay 8˚ Oporin.
Aristeas, De legis divinae historia, (1561). Spine reads: "De Legis Divinae Historia. Aristeas. 1561." The title page reads: "Aristeae, De Legis Divinae ex Hebraica Lingua in Graecam translatione... Cum conversione Latina, autore Matthia Garbitio. Basileae, per Ioannem Oporinum." A name has been torn off the title page. There are a few Dee underlinings.

D150/1, 21d (732)
Juliani Imperatoris Misopogon & Epistolae & graec & latin p. petrus Martinius 8˚ Paris 1566.
Martinius, Petrus, Juliani Imperatoris Misopogon et epistolae, (Paris, 1566). Spine reads: "Juliani Imp. Misopog. Et Epistol. Martinius. Parisiis. 1566." Title page reads: "Juliani Imperatoris Misopogon et epistolae, graec latinque nunc primm edita et illustrata Petro Martinio Morentino Navarro... Parisiis, Apud Andream Wechelum. 1566." Dees note Diaboli astutiae is on page 277.

D150/3, 21d (1087)
The spine reads: "De conquestu Britanniae. Gildas. 1568."
Gildas sapiens de excidio Brytanniae 8˚. Londini 1568. Two items bound together in the same volume:
- Gildas, De excidio et conquestu Britanniae, (London, 1568).
Title page reads: "Gildae Cui Cognomentum est Sapientis, de excidio et conquestu Britanniae... 1568. Londini excudebat Ioannes Daius..."
- Gildas, Britannus monachus cui sapientis, (London, 1525).
Title page reads: "Opus Novum. Gildas Britannus Monachus Cui Sapientis..."
There are frequent Dee annotations in the first item. This is bound with the earlier edition of 1525, also apparently Dees, as there is an illegible note by him on King Arthur on sig.B8.

D124/11, 17c (301)
The spine reads: "Historia Brevis. Walsingham. 1574."
Thomae Walsingami historia brevis. Ejusdem hypodygma Neustriae. f˚. Londini. Two items bound in same volume:
- Walsingham, Thomas, Historia brevis, (London, 1574).
Title page reads: "Historia Brevis Thomae Walsingham, ab Edwardo primo, ad Henricum quintum. Londini Excusum apud Henricum Binneman Typographum. sub insigno Syrenis Anno Domini 1574." Printed by H. Binneman.
- Walsingham, Thomas, Hypodogma Neustriae Vel Normanniae, (London, 1574).
Title page reads: "Ypodigma Neustriae Vel Normanniae : Per Thomam De Walsingham : Ab irruptione Normannorum usque; ad annum. 6. regni Henrici quinti. Londini in redibus lohannis Daij. 1574..." Printed by J. Daye.
These are Dees copies, both heavily annotated, particularly the passages dealing with the Welsh people and their history. [STC 25004 & STC 25005 provides copies of these items, but not Dees actual copies].

REEL 107
(d) 133 (1419)
Raimundi Lulli. de cabalistico auditu p. Petr Maynard. 8˚. Ven. 1518.
Lull, Ramon, De Kabbalistico auditu, (Venice, 1518). The spine reads: "Lib. De Kabbalistico Lulli. Venet. 1518." The title page reads: "Opusculum Raymundinum De Auditu Kabbalistico Sive ad Omnes Scientias Introductorium." The title on sig.a2 reads: "Incipit Libellus De Kabbalistico Auditu in via Raimundi Lulli."
Signed Joannes Dee 1564 at the head of sig.a2, and on the end flyleaf Joannes Dee. Lond. Recepi a Roma 29˚ April A˚ 1564: Antwerpiae. There are a few notes, some of them not Dees and probably earlier.

41b, class 937 (903)
Onorphrij Panuinij Reipublicae Romana. Commentarij & c. 8˚. Ven. 1558.
Panvinio, Onofrio, Republicae Romana, (Venice, 1558). The title page reads: "Onuphrii Panvinii. Veronensis Fratris. Eremitae Augustiniani Reipublicae. Romanae Commentariorium Libri Tres. Et alia quaedam quorum seriem sequens pagella indicabit. Venetiis Ex Officina, Erasmiana apud Vincetium Valgrisium, MDLVIII." Nich: Saunder has been written over Jo. Dee. There is a note by Dee on the flyleaf and there are others on the text, particularly in Panvinios section on the Roman army.

REEL 108
(d) 282 (991)
Histoire catholique de nostre temps, contre lhistoire de Jehā s Leidan par S. Fontaine. 8˚. Antwerpiae. 1558.
Fontaine, Simon, Histoire catholique de notre temps, (Anvers, 1558). The spine reads: "Histoire Catholique. Fontaine. Anvers 1598." The title page reads: "Histoire Catholique de nostre temps, touchant lestat de la Religion Christienne contre lhistoire de Iean Sleydan, composee par S. Fontaine docteur en Theologie. A Anvers, Chez Iean Steelsius, a lescu de Bourgoigne. 1558. Avec Privilege." A name has been torn from the title page. Correct place and date of original publication appears to be Anvers, 1558, despite misleading information on spine and in John Dees Library Catalogue.

(q) 871 (279)
Seneca opera. f˚. Basileae. 1557.
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, Opera, (Basel, 1557). The spine reads: "Senecae Opera. 1557." The title page reads: "L. Annaei Senecae Philosophi Stoicorum omnium acutissimi opera quae extant omnia, Coelii Secundi Curionis vigilantissima cura castigata, & in novam prorsus faciem, nimirum propriam & suam, mutata : quorum lectio non modo ad bene dicendum, verumetiam ad bene beatque vivendum prodesse plurimm potest. Totius porr emendationis ratio, quidq; superiori editioni accesserit, ex sequentibus statim cognosces. Index rerum & verborum copiosus. Cum Gratia & Privilegio Caesareae Maiestatis ad decennium. Basileae, M.D.LVII." A name has probably been bleached from the top of the title page. There are Dee annotations, particularly in the Suasoriarum liber unus, Suasoria prima, which relates to discoveries. The volume is bound in 16th century calf.

REEL 109
D5/8, 48f, Volume I (ACCN 7035) (238)
Cosmographie dAndre Thevet. f˚. en franois. 2 volumes. Paris.
Thevet, Andr, La Cosmographie Universelle, (Paris, 1575). Volume I. The spine reads: "Thevet. La Cosmographie Universelle. Tome l. 1575." The title page reads: "La Cosmographie Universelle D Andr Thevet Cosmographe du Roy. Illustre de Diverses Figures des Choses plus Remarquables revs par l Auteur, et incogneus de noz Anciens et Modernes. Tome Premier. A Paris, Chez Guillaume Chaudire, rue S. Iaques, l enseigne du Temps, et de l Homme sauvage. 1575. Avec Privilege du Roy." This original item has a series of fold out maps and colour illustrations [see also Reel 51 for a different version of Volume I with Dee annotations]

REEL 110
D5/8, 48f, Volume II (ACCN 7036) (238)
Cosmographie dAndre Thevet. f˚. en franois. 2 volumes. Paris.
Thevet, Andr, La Cosmographie Universelle, (Paris, 1575). Volume II. Title page reads: "La Cosmographie Universelle D Andr Thevet Cosmographe du Roy. Illustre de Diverses Figures des Choses plus Remarquables revs par lAuteur, et incogneus de noz Anciens et Modernes. Tome Second. A Paris, Chez Guillaume Chaudire, rue S. Iaques, l enseigne du Temps, et de l Homme sauvage. 1575. Avec Privilege du Roy."

REEL 111
D5/9, 47a Volume I. Part 1 (ACCN 7038) (205)
Cosmographie universelle de Franois de Belle-forest. f˚. gallic. 2(?) volumes. Paris.
Muenster, Sebastian, La Cosmographie Universelle, or Cosmographia, edited by Franois de Belleforest, (Paris, 1575). Tome I. Part 1. The spine reads: "Cosmographie Universelle Tome I. Part 1." The title page reads: "La Cosmographie Universelle de Tout Le Monde. A Paris, Chez Nicolas Chesneau, rue S. laques, au Chesne Verd, MDLXXV, avec Privilege du Roy, et de la Cour." Edited by Franois de Belle-Forest. 24 ff; 397ff; 390pp (last two openings are numbered for each column). Good illustrations and various fold-out maps (See Part 4: Reel 52 for Tome I Part 2).

REEL 112
D5/9, 47a, Volume II (ACCN 7040) (205)
Cosmographie universelle de Franois de Belle-forest. f˚. gallic. 2(?) volumes. Paris.
Muenster, Sebastian, La Cosmographie Universelle, or Cosmographia, edited by Franois de Belleforest, (Paris, 1575). Tome 2. The spine reads: "Cosmographie Universelle Tome 2." Title page reads: "La Cosmographie Universelle de Tout Le Monde. A Paris, Chez Nicolas Chesneau, rue S. laques, au Chesne Verd, MDLXXV, avec Privilege du Roy, et de la Cour." Edited by Franois de Belle-Forest. 8 ff; cols 1-2235; 90 ff.

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