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Women's Diaries and Related Sources

Part 5: Sources from Essex Record Office

Scattered throughout the local record offices of England, Scotland and Wales are vital yet neglected sources for the study of women's history.  This project brings together diaries, commonplace books, travel journals and related sources, which describe women's lives and experiences in their own language. 

Part 5 from Essex Record Office includes 121 volumes describing the lives of 12 different women covering the period from 1628-1902.   These include:

  • My Ladies Booke, 1628-1638 with the disbursements of Lady Joan Barrington.
  • The diary of a young girl recording frequent social calls in Canterbury and St Albans areas, 1769-1776, with details on her new clothes. 
  • The diaries of Clarissa Bramston née Trant, 1821-1844, with references to books read, medicinal recipes, notes on the failure of the Reform Bill, the birth of her daughter, parlour games played, the illness and death of Sir Nicholas Trant, the Queen’s first speech and travels to France and Italy.
  • The diaries of Ann Eliza Branfill, 1822-1872 are extensive are entered into pocket diaries containing topographical engravings, articles and poems. They feature details concerning the medical care of the family, work on the farm, and social life in Upminster and Romford. There are lists of items required in London, of things to do, of books lent to the poor, of clothes needed and bought, visits to agricultural and flower shows, and to the Coronation in 1838.
  • Journals of Lucy Pearson, 1892-1902, follow her life from 11 to 21. The diaries describe illness, birthday and Christmas celebrations, her religious thoughts, schoolwork, schoolgirl crushes, books read, visits to the circus, concerts,  teaching English in Germany and travels in Europe.

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