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The Collected Writings of Geraldine Jewsbury (1812-1880)

Collected Writings - Further Series Available


NORTON:  The Collected Writings of Caroline Norton (1808-1877)

Caroline Norton, granddaughter of Sheridan, gained literary success as a Poet, Novelist and Author.  She gained notoriety following a bruising divorce suit bought by her violent husband – which cited the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne.  The case was unsuccessful, despite the fact that as a married woman in 1836 she had no existence in law and could offer no defence.

Caroline Norton's campaign to win custody of her sons and recognition in law resulted in the first ever feminist legislation – the Infants Custody Act of 1839 – and paved the way for the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857 and the Married Women's Property Act of 1870.

The full range of her writing is presented here:

Her Poetry:  The sorrows of Rosalie (1829); The undying one (1830); Poems (1833); A voice from the factories (1836 – a long narrative poem on an industrial theme); The dream (1840); Lines on Queen Victoria (1840); The child of the islands (1845); and The lady of La Garaye (1862 – concerning a hospital for the poor).

Her Polemical Pamphlets:  The Separation of Mother and Child (1837); A Plain Letter to the Lord Chancellor (1839); English Laws for Women in the 19th Century (1854); and A Letter to the Queen (1855).

Her Novels:  The wife and woman's reward (3 vols, 1835 – based on her own experiences, an indictment of 19th Century attitudes towards women); Stuart of Dunleath: a story of modern times (2 vols, 1851); Lost and Saved (3 vols, 1863 – also based on her own character and featuring illicit love); Old Sir Douglas (3 vols, 1868); and The rose of Jericho (1870).

There is also coverage of some of her songs, letters and journalism, including Letters to the Mob, by Libertas (Reprinted from the Morning Chronicle, 1848) and The coquette, and other tales & sketches (Reprinted from The Court Magazine, 1835).

7 reels of 35mm silver-halide positive microfilm.  Available

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OLIPHANT: The Collected Writings of Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897)

Virginia Woolf said of Mrs Oliphant that "she sold her brain…, prostituted her culture and enslaved her intellectual liberty in order to earn her living and educate her children."  This judgement has been seen as unnecessarily harsh as many of her works, particularly A Beleaguered City (1880) and the 11 volume Chronicles of Carlingford (1863-76) do have considerable merits.

We publish all of Oliphant's creative fiction – 95 works in all – in this microfilm edition as well as Annals of a publishing house: William Blackwood and his sons, their Magazine and friends (2 vols, 1897), Literary history of England in the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century (3 vols, 1882), The Victorian Age of English Literature (2 vols, 1892, with F R Oliphant), Historical sketches of the reign of Queen Anne (1894), Historical sketches of the reign of George II (2 vols, 1869), Memoirs of the life of Laurence Oliphant and Alice Oliphant his wife (1891), The Days of my Life (3 vols, 1857) and The Autobiography (published posthumously, 1899, Ed Mrs Coghill).

These show that, far from being a hack, Margaret Oliphant was a gifted novelist, adept in the historical, romantic, social and supernatural genres.

Part 1: c20 reels of 35mm silver-halide positive microfilm

Part 2: c20 reels of 35mm silver-halide positive microfilm (click on link for further information)

Part 3: c20 reels of 35mm silver-halide positive microfilm

A single guide accompanies all 3 parts.  Forthcoming



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